My 30-day Social Media Detox.

We are all aware of the effects of social media the impact it’s having on our loved ones as a whole. But do you know the effects play a major role in our self-esteem actions moods sleep, eating habits and most worryingly our mind.

Have you ever just taken the time to think?

Why does our moods suddenly change after spending time on social media? Even our morals change this is because we are constantly being bombarded with information. Some good some bad. Put it this way it’s like reading a really sad story in the paper, and admit it you know how that makes us feel? Can you imagine, daily reading people’s problems and other people’s comments about their problems. There is a very famous saying the blind can’t lead the blind. Have you just ever taken the time to just breath look around you without a phone in your hand or a laptop on your knee? We are now living in a world that is constantly updating every latest trend, fashion hair styles shoes bags, cars and so on.

And for what?

Why are we not updating our minds, so we can make better choices in our daily life? We seem to give all our attention to the meaningless things but no effort into our ourselves or our children. How can they learn effectively to have high self-esteem self-love and confidence? When all we do is buy them the next upgrade?

Thinking it’s ok to give 2-5-year olds smart phones or tablets for hours on end is and should be classed as neglect. This may sound harsh but it’s the truth. As the famous saying goes the truth hurts. We are using these gadgets to baby sit our children and it’s wrong. If it’s not the smart devices it’s the tv. I don’t see the difference it’s all the same to me.

Do we not realise that our children from the age of 0-7 have a mind like a computer they absorb everything they learn like a sponge do you know how smart our children can be if we just took the time to invest in them? Between the ages of 0-7 are our child’s programming years.  During these years, our children will spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles, which is the same state that a person is in when they are in hypnosis or meditation.

So, our little children are walking around in a permanent state of hypnosis, while being programmed by the information they are absorbing and the environment they are in. They are very open to suggestion and are constantly in a super leaning state.

This is just one of the reasons I have done this detox. I didn’t take this decision lightly you see as I own an online shop I need and must Engage with my customers. This to me is more important than sales however it was a risk I was willing to take for the sake of my family. It’s been the best investment I have ever made.

So, from this day forward I will be having a social media detox every school holiday because you know what, my kids deserve the very best of me

During my 30 days social media detox I was able to see just how much social media not only affected my relationships but my mind. I was addicted, addicted to the hype addicted to the information and to be really honest I loved seeing what everyone else was doing with their life. But little did I know the side effects of constantly taking in other people’s issues.

You see advertisement companies pay big money in order to plant their message in your brain. Did you know it only takes 15 seconds to plant an intention into a person’s subconscious mind. And the power of music is another blog within its self.

Getting back to what I was saying.

During my detox I really noticed I myself being so much calmer and more relaxed. My time is endless my thoughts and feelings are now under my control and my mind feels brand new. My children are now getting the attention they so desperately craved. My focus and goal keeping are completely refreshed. And most importantly I see this beautiful world around us and the beautiful people that’s in it.


So, my question to you all is it all worth it? Your upgrades I mean. Are you willing to stand with me and stand for upgrading ourselves so the people we love can have the best version of us rather than upgrading our material possessions?

If you answered yes then thank you. I would love to invite you to my new Facebook group Cleanse Transcend Glow!

Let’s share our stories

Let’s learn together

And most of all let’s connect.

 Leanne x

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